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6 Tiny Home Communities: Redefining Minimal and Collective Living

In recent years, tiny homes and minimal living have captured the imagination of many across the USA.

The allure of a low-cost, simple lifestyle paired with the freedom to travel has led both homeowners and renters to consider smaller dwelling spaces.

In response to this burgeoning movement, pop-up neighborhoods have sprung up nationwide, providing permanent residents, curious vacationers, and those in need of affordable housing a place to call home.

Here are six standout tiny home communities that exemplify the charm and potential of minimal and collective living.


Lyons, Colorado

Nestled in the stunning Rocky Mountains, WeeCasa in Lyons, Colorado, offers a delightful introduction to tiny living, perfect for short stays and vacations.

With 22 tiny homes, or “casas,” available for nightly rental, WeeCasa presents a sustainable and intelligent travel option.

Each casa varies in size and amenities, with the largest accommodating up to five guests, ensuring a comfortable and unique experience for every visitor.

For those seeking a brief yet immersive tiny living experience, WeeCasa is an ideal choice.

The community also welcomes large parties, allowing guests to book the entire grounds for gatherings and events, promoting a truly communal atmosphere amidst the natural beauty of Colorado.


Portland, Oregon

Located in the vibrant Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon, Caravan provides another excellent rental option for those eager to explore tiny living without committing to a purchase.

Featuring six tiny homes ranging from 120 to 170 square feet, each one is crafted by local builders and adorned with Portland art and sustainable, fair-trade products.

The homes are arranged in a circle, creating a communal space perfect for music, games, and conversation. Guests can enjoy roasting vegan marshmallows over the fire pit, fostering a cozy and inclusive environment.

Caravan’s emphasis on local craftsmanship and sustainable living makes it a standout in the tiny home community landscape.

Community First! Village

Location | Austin, Texas

Community First! Village in Austin, Texas, is a unique and inspiring initiative providing affordable, permanent housing and supportive community to the disabled and chronically homeless.

Spread over 27 acres, this community includes 140 micro homes, 100 RVs, and 20 canvas-sided cottages, all designed by architects from around the world.

Furnishings are sourced through generous donations, creating a sense of dignity and hope for residents.

The village boasts a range of amenities, including a medical facility, walking trails, gardens, an outdoor movie theater, a community market, wireless internet, a bed & breakfast for visitors, and convenient access to the Capital Metro bus stop.

Community First! Village is a place where those in need can heal and rediscover hope with the support of a caring community.

Tours of the property are available on select Sundays, offering a glimpse into this transformative living arrangement.

Cedar Springs Tiny Village

Location | Cedar Springs, Ohio

Ohio’s first full-fledged tiny home village, Cedar Springs Tiny Village, embraces the motto “Simple Living on the Lake.”

Celebrating its grand opening in August, the community offers up to 30 lots for Modern Tiny Living customers, some of which are waterfront.

Residents can enjoy walking paths, community gardens, a recycling program, mature trees, and close proximity to the Natural Springs Resort.

This lakefront property is designed for those who wish to embrace a simpler lifestyle without sacrificing the beauty and tranquility of nature. Cedar Springs Tiny Village exemplifies the harmony between minimal living and a serene environment, making it an attractive destination for tiny home enthusiasts.

Orlando Lakefront at College Park

Location | Orlando, Florida

Revitalizing a 1950s trailer park, Orlando Lakefront at College Park offers permanent parking spaces for tiny homeowners as well as short and long-term rentals on Lake Fairview, just outside Orlando, Florida.

This sunny and sustainable community focuses on preserving the original spirit of the tiny house movement: simple living.

Residents can spend their days enjoying water activities, visiting downtown Orlando, or relaxing and mingling with like-minded neighbors.

The property’s dedication to community and sustainability makes it a beacon for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Orlando Lakefront at College Park provides a vibrant and supportive environment for tiny home living, showcasing the benefits of a connected and eco-friendly community.

Lake Walk Community

Location | Greer, South Carolina

Lake Walk Community in Greer, South Carolina, highlights the benefits of tiny living with a lower cost of living, higher quality of life, and more time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Situated just outside Greenville, this lakeside property spans 15 acres and offers 43 sites for tiny house owners who wish to park amidst nature.

Residents can take advantage of nature trails, mountain views, communal gardening, and a community center with a fire pit.

For visitors, specific units are listed on Airbnb, providing a picturesque and cozy tiny-home vacation.

Lake Walk Community emphasizes the joys of minimal living, surrounded by the beauty of South Carolina’s natural landscape.

This community is perfect for those looking to embrace a simpler, more intentional way of life while remaining connected to nature and a supportive community.

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