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A Journey to Minimalist Scandinavian Style

The world of architecture and interior design has witnessed numerous evolutions, but there’s one trend that remains timeless: Scandinavian design.

Originating from the Nordic regions, this design philosophy champions simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature.

A Scandinavian-style tiny house epitomizes this, offering a minimalist lifestyle cocooned in serenity and sophistication.

A Breath of Nordic Air

Entrepreneur Simon Steffensen has breathed life into this philosophy with his latest creation, a 24 m2 Scandinavian-style tiny house.

Steffensen’s creation isn’t just a house; it’s an experience, a journey into the heart of Scandinavian living.

A Timeless Exterior

Upon first glance, the house showcases an elegant exterior with rich, dark tones that complement its surroundings.

These shades are both sophisticated and understated, representing the Nordic love for subdued colors.

The triangular roof design not only offers a modern edge but also pays homage to traditional Scandinavian architecture.

The most striking feature? The expansive veranda offers ample space for morning coffees, evening chats, or simply a space to breathe in the fresh air.

The veranda extends an invitation, a teaser to the wonders that lie within.

The expansive floor-to-ceiling glass window is more than a functional addition.

It serves as a bridge between the house’s interior and the surrounding environment, bringing in ample natural light and forging a connection with nature.

Simplicity Meets Elegance

Transitioning from the exterior to the interior, one is met with a symphony of light tones that exude calmness.

The house’s design makes a deliberate shift from the dark-toned exterior, playing with contrasts to create a distinct indoor experience.

Large windows further enhance this feeling of spaciousness, ensuring that every corner of the home is bathed in natural light.

The wooden accents, particularly under the roof, add warmth and a rustic touch to the modern space, grounding the home with a sense of earthiness.

Central to the house is the heart of every home—the kitchen. Positioned strategically, it offers an unobstructed view of the backyard through the side glass.

This careful placement ensures that even routine tasks like cooking become a serene experience, constantly in touch with nature.

Flanking the kitchen to the left, the expansive living and dining areas offer ample space to entertain guests or have a quiet evening in.

Their design is a testament to Scandinavian functionality, where every inch is utilized to perfection without compromising on aesthetics.

To the right of the kitchen lies a slice of luxury: a meticulously designed bathroom and toilet. The space might be compact, but the luxury it offers is expansive.

With top-notch fittings and a keen attention to detail, this section of the home is a personal spa retreat.

But the true magic lies above. The loft-style bedroom, accessible through an intricately designed ladder next to the kitchen, is a sanctuary.

Here, dreams are cradled in the embrace of wooden beams and the soft glow from the windows.

The space is just right for a double bed, and the wooden siding ensures safety without obstructing the view.

The Power of Connection

A remarkable feature of this house lies in its ability to connect. Connection to nature, with its extensive use of glass and strategic positioning.

Connection to tradition through its homage to classic Scandinavian designs And, most importantly, connection to oneself.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, Steffensen’s creation offers a retreat, a space where one can reconnect, reflect, and rejuvenate.

It’s more than a home; it’s a haven, promising a life of tranquility, simplicity, and true Scandinavian elegance.


Simon Steffensen’s Scandinavian-style tiny house, priced at 70,000 €, is a masterpiece that blends form with function.

It challenges the conventions of space, proving that luxury isn’t always about size. This house is a tribute to the minimalist lifestyle many yearn for, representing a dream where simplicity and elegance coexist.

Steffensen’s creation isn’t just about bricks and beams; it’s about hopes and dreams, making it a true embodiment of the Scandinavian spirit.

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