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CYCLOPS: Embrace Adventure and Solitude in the Cascades

Tucked away in the majestic Cascades of Gold Bar, Washington, lies a hidden gem known as CYCLOPS—a one-of-a-kind cabin that beckons adventure-seekers and those yearning for a peaceful escape.

Featured by Cabin Porn, this cozy retreat offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and serene solitude, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking to reconnect with nature and themselves.

From epic hikes in the Cascades to legendary climbing at the Index Town Wall, paddling in the Skykomish River, and skiing at Stevens Pass, CYCLOPS offers an enchanting retreat in the heart of Washington State.

An Oasis of Serenity

CYCLOPS, aptly named after its giant round window, is situated in a gated community just outside of Index, WA.

This dreamy cabin came to life in the summer of 2021 as a passion project—a space crafted with love to offer guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region.

Semi-Off-Grid Delights

While CYCLOPS offers modern comforts, it embraces a semi-off-grid lifestyle, adding a touch of uniqueness to your stay.

Embrace this refreshing change as you explore the following elements that make CYCLOPS truly special

Heating and Cooling

An electric wall heater serves as the primary heat source, ensuring you stay cozy during chilly nights.

For added ambiance, a cool electric fireplace with a built-in heater enhances the warmth of the cabin. During warmer months, fans and a window air conditioning unit keep you comfortable.

Sleeping Loft

Access the sleeping loft via a ladder and discover a queen-sized Casper bed adorned with Tuft & Needle pillows and brand-new linens.

Fall asleep under the stars and wake up refreshed in this charming loft.

Quaint Kitchen

CYCLOPS’s kitchen is compact yet fully equipped for your culinary needs. A refrigerator, electric kettle, and pour-over coffee maker provide convenience.

Brew your favorite coffee blend or try the cabin’s recommended blend displayed on the topo map bartop.

A two-burner induction cooktop and kitchen essentials make preparing simple meals a breeze.

Bathroom Necessities

The bathroom features a shower and an incinerator toilet.

Instructions are provided for easy use.

A small hot water heater ensures pleasant short showers, and towels, soap, and shampoo are thoughtfully provided.

Spectacular Views

Gaze at the awe-inspiring mountain views from the comfort of your cabin, soaking in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.

Bonfire Bliss

Outside, a fire pit awaits, providing the perfect setting for a cozy bonfire experience (subject to burn bans).

Simply bring some wood and let the crackling flames create a warm ambiance under the starlit sky.

Embrace the Cascades

Beyond the comforts of CYCLOPS, a wealth of adventure awaits in the Cascades.

Explore nearby wineries and breweries, indulge in the vibrant festivals in downtown Dahlonega, and dive into outdoor activities like hiking, biking, climbing, and kayaking.

Your Safety is Paramount

CYCLOPS prioritizes your safety, with an array of safety features in place, including security cameras on the property, a Nest security camera overlooking the front door, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit.


CYCLOPS at Gold Bar, Washington, is a testament to the harmonious blend of modern amenities and the tranquility of nature.

Whether you seek adventure in the Cascades or simply long for a peaceful escape to unwind, CYCLOPS is the perfect destination for an unforgettable retreat.

Embrace the semi-off-grid lifestyle as you discover the cabin’s unique systems, adding a touch of novelty to your experience.

Cozy up by the electric fireplace, enjoy the warmth of the electric wall heater, and savor short showers in the bathroom with an incinerator toilet.

The sleeping loft, with its queen-sized Casper bed and Tuft & Needle pillows, offers dreamy nights under the stars.

Discover the joys of solitude and embrace the adventure that awaits you at CYCLOPS—a cozy escape in the heart of the Cascades.

Source: Airbnb

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