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Discover the Modern Small House Design (96 m2)

In a world that often demands grandeur and extravagance, there’s a distinct charm in simplicity. The modern small house design of 96 m2 is a testament to that very charm.

A perfect embodiment of minimalist living, this design is an ode to those who believe that less is more.

Understanding the Nuances of Tiny Living

While the term ‘tiny house’ might conjure images of a very specific kind of dwelling, the reality is that there’s a broad spectrum within this category.

From quaint tiny houses on wheels that evoke a sense of wanderlust to sturdy container houses and magical tree houses to precisely engineered prefab homes, the world of tiny living is as diverse as it is enchanting.

Despite their differences, these homes share common threads: a commitment to functional design, efficient use of space, and a close connection with the surrounding environment.

Unveiling the Cream-Colored Delight

Perched amidst the serenity of nature, the cream-colored small house stands out, not because it demands attention, but because of its understated elegance.

Its subtle hue is a visual treat, blending seamlessly with nature while radiating warmth. The inclusion of expansive glass windows at its entrance is not just an architectural decision; it’s a design statement.

These windows do more than just offer panoramic views of the outdoors; they invite nature inside, bathing the house in soft, natural light and creating an ambiance that’s both vibrant and cozy.

Where Comfort Meets Functionality

On entering the house, the living room immediately establishes the theme of the home: comfort, functionality, and style.

Every piece of furniture and every decor item has been chosen with care, ensuring that while the space remains uncluttered, it doesn’t lack warmth or personality.

This room, with its plush seating and tasteful decor, beckons visitors to sit down, relax, and indulge in heartfelt conversations.

Sleep, they say, is a sacred ritual. And the bedrooms in this house are temples of relaxation. The master bedroom, with its meticulous design and plush comforts, promises serenity.

The additional bedrooms, equally enchanting, ensure that every family member or guest has their own cozy nook.

However, if one were to identify the soul of the home, it would undoubtedly be the open-concept kitchen and dining area.

Kitchens, often dubbed the heart of any home, are spaces of creation, and this one, with its modern fittings and sleek design, ensures that every culinary journey is a joyous one.

Adjacent to this is the dining area, a space that transcends its functional use. Here, meals become occasions, moments to bond, and memories to cherish.

The inclusion of a garage is a nod to practicality, ensuring that the house, while a retreat, does not detach from the conveniences of modern living.


This cream-colored beacon of minimalist living offers more than just a roof and walls. It offers an experience, a lifestyle choice, and a statement.

It stands as proof that in simplicity, there’s unmatched beauty. In the midst of nature, even a man-made structure can find its harmonious place.

And that a house, regardless of its size, can be a haven of warmth, comfort, and joy.

In essence, this 96 m2 modern small house is a perfect representation of contemporary minimalist design.

Every facet of its architecture and interior is meticulously crafted, ensuring that homeowners have both luxury and practicality at their fingertips.

Its location, surrounded by nature, offers the residents an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with the environment, embracing the tranquility and rejuvenating spirit that it provides.

This isn’t just a dwelling; it’s a lifestyle choice, a commitment to simplicity, and a declaration of love for refined, understated elegance.

Source: Blue Chip Design

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