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From YouTube Dream to Tennessee Treasure: Inside Martha’s $56K Tiny Container Home Adventure

Martha Girve’s journey into the world of tiny living started, like many modern stories, with YouTube.

Late-night browsing led her to a video featuring Randy Jones, the charismatic owner of Incredible Tiny Homes, discussing his vision for a unique tiny home community in rural Tennessee.

For Martha, it was the answer to her long search for a legal place to set up a tiny house, a pursuit she had been on for years.

Martha’s fascination with tiny homes began with a desire for simplicity and efficiency. Working for the Office of Disaster Assistance at FEMA, she traveled frequently, often staying in hotels for months at a time.

This transient lifestyle made her realize that she didn’t need much space and that paying for a large, underutilized house was unnecessary.

Inspired by the minimalist lifestyle showcased in numerous YouTube videos, she decided to downsize.

Finding the Perfect Spot

After watching all of Randy Jones’ videos and being captivated by his vision, Martha reached out to his office.

To her delight, there was a spot available in the Incredible Tiny Homes community in Newport, Tennessee.

She promptly sent a deposit and informed her family that she had just bought a tiny house from a guy on YouTube.

Newport, nestled near Asheville and Knoxville and close to Smoky Mountain National Park, turned out to be an ideal location.

The community itself is divided into three sections: the forest, the beach, and the prairie.

Martha’s container home found its place in the tranquil forest section, surrounded by nature and serenity.

Image Courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

Designing the Dream Home

Martha’s container home is a high-cube model, slightly taller than a regular shipping container, providing extra headroom and a more spacious feel.

The base price for her home was $56,000, but Martha customized it to fit her needs perfectly.

She opted for sliding glass doors, a farmer’s sink, and a large pantry, among other features.

Her 8×40-foot container home is a marvel of efficient design.

The living room, equipped with a fireplace and expansive sliding glass doors, exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere.

These doors flood the room with natural light and offer stunning views of the surrounding forest.

The sofa, doubling as storage, ensures that every inch of space is utilized effectively.

The dining room table, which also serves as Martha’s workspace, demonstrates the multifunctional design ethos that is central to tiny living.

livesAs she works from home, this space is crucial for both her professional and personal life.

Functional and Stylish Interiors

The kitchen is a testament to thoughtful design. It features a compact stove with an oven, a farmer’s sink, and a small refrigerator.

Martha’s insistence on a big pantry paid off, as it keeps the kitchen clutter-free by storing appliances like a dehydrator and a food processor.

This setup allows her to maintain a neat and organized space, even hosting parties for up to eight people.

The bathroom is equally impressive, featuring a full-size washer and dryer and a spacious shower.

The barn door separating the bathroom from the kitchen adds a rustic charm while saving space.

The bedroom, with its queen-size bed and additional storage containers, is a cozy retreat at the end of the day.

Image courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

Naming the Home

In a playful twist, Martha’s neighbors dubbed her container home “The Death Star” due to its large, block-like appearance.

As a huge Star Wars fan, Martha embraced the name, finding it a fitting and charming moniker for her new abode.

This personal touch adds character and a sense of community to her living space.

Image courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

Community Life at Incredible Tiny Homes

One of the most significant aspects of Martha’s new lifestyle is the community at Incredible Tiny Homes.

Randy Jones’ vision of creating a place where like-minded individuals can connect and share their passion for tiny living has come to life.

Martha describes the community as friendly and welcoming, with residents often leaving their doors unlocked and engaging in social activities.

In just three months, Martha has made numerous friends and hosted several gatherings, including a 20s Gatsby-inspired murder mystery dinner for eight people.

The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among the residents is a highlight of her experience.

Image Courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

Practical Benefits and Lifestyle Changes

Living in a tiny home in the Incredible Tiny Homes community comes with practical benefits as well.

Martha’s monthly electric bill ranges from $30 to $34, thanks to the efficient design and insulation of her container home.

Her wireless internet costs about $70 per month, providing reliable connectivity for her work-from-home setup.

Martha’s decision to downsize has also had a positive impact on her work-life balance.

With her job involving frequent travel, the compact and efficient space of her tiny home suits her lifestyle perfectly.

She no longer pays for a large, underutilized house and enjoys the simplicity and lower costs associated with tiny living.

Image Courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

Choosing the Container Home Model

Martha’s journey to finding the right container home model involved careful consideration.

Initially, she was interested in the Freedom model but realized that sleeping in a loft was not practical for her.

A tour of a shipping container model available from Incredible Tiny Homes convinced her that it was the perfect fit.

The high-cube design, offering extra headroom, was a significant factor in her decision.

Martha worked closely with the builders to customize the container to her exact specifications, ensuring that it met all her needs and preferences.

The result is a home that is not only functional but also uniquely hers.

Image Courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

Exterior and Placement

Martha’s container home is situated on a triple-axle trailer, which will eventually be placed on a permanent foundation with the wheels removed.

The dark gray exterior, inspired by another container home she saw on YouTube, gives it a sleek and modern look.

Once in its final position, Martha plans to add a deck between the original container doors, enhancing the outdoor living space.

The forest section of the Incredible Tiny Homes community provides a peaceful and serene environment, with trees and nature surrounding Martha’s home.

This setting is perfect for her, offering a tranquil retreat while still being close to urban amenities in Asheville and Knoxville.

Image Courtesy of Tiny House Giant Journey

Embracing the Tiny Home Lifestyle

Martha’s journey to tiny living is a testament to the growing appeal of minimalism and efficient design.

Her container home, with its carefully planned layout and thoughtful features, provides everything she needs in a compact space.

The community at Incredible Tiny Homes has given her a sense of belonging and security, making her transition to tiny living a rewarding experience.

The decision to downsize into a tiny container home was not without risks, but for Martha, it has paid off in spades.

She has found a place that aligns with her lifestyle and values, surrounded by a supportive community and the beauty of nature.

Martha’s story is an inspiring example of how modern innovations and a willingness to embrace change can lead to a fulfilling and sustainable way of life.

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