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Jayhawk Tiny House: Discover the Cozy Charm of Compact Living

The Jayhawk Tiny House is a custom-built tiny house on wheels designed to provide comfort and calmness to its occupants.

The trailer is 30 feet long and has been built with meticulous attention to storage and utilization of available space.

The exterior of the tiny house features an innovative mix of materials to create a unique and elegant look, while the interior is curated for comfort and functionality.

The interior of the Jayhawk Tiny House is designed to provide ample space and comfort to its occupants.

The living space features cork floating flooring and has an in-house office incorporated into its design.

An elevated platform serves as a secluded working space that is accessible through stairs with built-in storage.

The bed is mounted on a rolling frame that can be pulled out only when required and can also double up as a sofa.

This allows occupants to make the most of the available space and move around freely.

A Carrier mini-split air conditioner is present to cater to the changing temperature requirements of the occupants, and the kitchen has custom-built cabinets and a sink and faucet combination inset in a single countertop.

The Jayhawk Tiny House can accommodate up to four people and has a spacious walk-through closet that leads to the bathroom.

The bathroom features a fully functional vanity, a washer and dryer combo, a regular flush commode, and a stylish 38” shower with a curved glass door.

The loft can come in handy for various purposes and can be accessed through a hideaway ladder.

The Jayhawk Tiny House has a base price of $74,000 and offers 320 square feet of living space.

The tiny house is built by SimBLISSity and ships to the United States and Canada.

It is a tiny house on wheels and has dimensions of 30′ x 8′. The range of electric appliances requires 240V 50 amp service.

The Jayhawk Tiny House has a base price of $74,000, which is a reasonable price for a custom-built tiny house with a spacious living area and a range of amenities.

The compact kitchen and energy star refrigerator help save on expensive electricity bills, while the in-house office and hideaway ladder provide additional functionality and convenience.

The Jayhawk Tiny House is a beautiful and practical tiny house that is designed to cater to the needs of its occupants.

The unique mix of materials used in its exterior design adds elegance and value, while the interior is curated for comfort and functionality.

The spacious walk-through closet, bathroom, and loft provide ample space for storage and additional accommodation.

The Jayhawk Tiny House is an excellent investment for those looking for a compact living space that offers the comforts of a larger home.

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