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The 3-Bedroom Shipping Container House by Priscila Azzini

In a world where architectural ingenuity meets sustainable living, shipping container homes have surfaced as an avant-garde alternative to traditional housing.

Offering not only affordability and swiftness in construction, but also a green footprint, these homes have gained traction in recent years.

Among such innovations, the luxury 3-bedroom container house model designed by Priscila Azzini stands out, showcasing a perfect blend of sophistication and practicality.

This house challenges our preconceptions of luxury living while redefining what a modern home can be.

The Grandeur of the Design

At first glance, the container house commands attention with its distinctive facade. The use of columns at the entrance bestows an imposing yet welcoming aura to the dwelling.

This grandeur is seamlessly paired with roof-to-floor windows, transforming the utilitarian aesthetics of shipping containers into a contemporary haven that celebrates transparency and openness.

Optimal Layout for Family Living

Azzini’s container house spans two stories, utilizing four 40-foot-high shipping containers. The design process meticulously accounted for every possible need of a family.

The lower floor is a symphony of spaces that flow into one another: an entrance hall that leads to the dining room, a cozy living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, a wine cellar, a toilet, and a laundry area.

The interiors are bathed in natural light, reducing the dependency on artificial lighting and emphasizing energy efficiency.

A Peek into the Bedrooms

The second floor is a private sanctuary with three bedrooms designed to offer comfort and solitude.

The master suite is spacious, with its bathroom exuding an air of indulgence. The other two bedrooms are demi-suites, thoughtfully designed to provide a cozy retreat.

Every room is conceptualized to harness natural light, maximizing the sense of space.

Entertainment and Leisure Spaces

Azzini’s design takes luxury living a step further by incorporating leisure spaces that turn this residence into a mini-resort.

The backyard hosts a sparkling pool and a mini-golf area, perfect for family gatherings and relaxation.

The roof deck, another ingenious use of space, is transformed into a barbecue area, ideal for weekend get-togethers and offering panoramic views.

Sustainable and Speedy Construction

One of the remarkable advantages of container houses is the sustainability factor. The repurposing of shipping containers into living spaces is a commendable step towards recycling and reducing waste.

Moreover, unlike traditional buildings, these houses do not require extensive foundation work, which considerably speeds up the construction time.

This luxury container house, thus, is not only a statement of style but also a testament to sustainable living.

The Practicality and Aesthetics Intersection

Priscila Azzini’s 3-bedroom luxury container house stands at the intersection of practicality and aesthetics.

It challenges and redefines the norms associated with luxury homes. The design emphasizes functionality without compromising on style, resulting in a dwelling that is as efficient as it is elegant.

Embracing this remarkable architectural marvel, one can’t help but appreciate the transformative journey from a mere shipping container to a luxurious haven.

Truly, Azzini’s design is where dreams meet reality.


In summary, this 3-bedroom luxury shipping container house by Priscila Azzini is a pioneering vision that transforms the concept of modern living.

It encapsulates a family’s needs, presents an eco-friendly alternative, and provides luxury in a compact, yet unrestrictive space.

The integration of leisure amenities further elevates the living experience. It’s not just a house; it’s a lifestyle statement that aligns luxury with sustainability.

This container house model is an inspiration, showcasing that with innovative thinking, even the most unconventional materials can be transformed into luxurious abodes.

So, if you’re contemplating a unique, sustainable, and luxurious dwelling, this container house is a model that warrants serious consideration.

It encapsulates the future of housing: smart, sustainable, and splendidly luxurious.

Source: Priscila Azzini

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