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The Marvel of Container Living

Modern living is defined not by size but by functionality and design. And in the realm of innovative housing solutions, Cubica’s ‘Casa Tiny House’ stands tall, both literally and metaphorically.

With the world rapidly changing and many of us rethinking our life choices, the concept of home is evolving.

This 14.9 m2 tiny abode constructed from a 6-meter container might be tiny in footprint, but it packs a massive punch when it comes to sustainable, efficient, and elegant living.

Pioneers of Container Living

Based in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, Cubica has carved a niche for itself in the domain of container-based construction.

With a portfolio that spans residential, commercial, and institutional projects, their expertise lies in transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

At the heart of their design ethos is the belief that, with the right approach, the possibilities of container living are endless.

The Charm of Casa Cubica

Designed as a compact retreat, Casa Cubica promises an experience that is intimate without being claustrophobic.

While its primary marketing revolves around being a vacation home for up to four people, its smart layout and versatile features make it equally apt for perennial living for singles or couples.

One of Cubica’s standout features is its customization options. While the base design is ingenious, they offer tweaks based on customer specifications.

This flexibility ensures that every Casa Cubica is not just a house but a reflection of its inhabitants’ personalities.

A Rooftop Like No Other

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Casa Cubica is its rooftop terrace. Perched atop the container cube, it offers an aerial view of the surroundings, making it an ideal spot for morning yoga sessions, evening cocktails, or just some quiet stargazing.

The wooden finish of the terrace juxtaposed against the dominant gray of the container gives it an earthy touch.

The juxtaposition of materials ensures the house blends harmoniously with nature.

A Portal to Compact Luxury

Entry into the house is through a sliding window, a design feature that not only saves space but also blurs the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor.

Adjacent to this primary entrance is a veranda, offering a shaded spot to enjoy nature up close.

The interiors are a symphony of wood, providing warmth and a rustic charm. Immediately opposite the entrance lies a functional kitchen, equipped with all the essentials.

To its left, a two-tiered bunk bed stands, making efficient use of the vertical space. Slim windows flank this sleeping area, ensuring those resting have a sliver of the outdoors to connect with.

But the magic happens to the right of the kitchen. A double bed, which during meal times, can be cleverly folded into a dining area for four.

The transformative nature of this space epitomizes the essence of tiny house living – multifunctional, efficient, and always surprising.

The housing unit also boasts of an intelligently designed toilet and bathroom, accessible both from within and an external entrance.

This dual access ensures that guests or inhabitants enjoying the terrace or veranda don’t have to traverse through the main living area.


Casa Cubica by Cubica is more than just a tiny house. It’s a statement. A testament to the fact that luxury and comfort aren’t bound by square footage.

It’s a call to embrace minimalism, to find beauty in efficiency, and to understand that sometimes, the best things truly come in small packages.

Whether it’s the innovative use of space, the fusion of outdoor and indoor, or the sheer beauty of its design, Casa Cubica captures the imagination and beckons one to reconsider what home and innovative living truly mean.

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