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This Couple Converted an Old Bus Into A Home On Wheels

This remarkable bus conversion offers the ultimate solution for embracing an off-the-grid lifestyle. Many individuals entertain the idea of living off the grid, but often it remains just a fleeting thought. We all fantasize about the possibilities of having a remote job that allows us to travel and work simultaneously, but only a select few can proudly claim to have turned this dream into a reality.

Robbie and Priscilla, after years of yearning for such a lifestyle, have successfully liberated themselves from the monotony of their everyday lives. Driven by their insatiable desire to explore new places, indulge in diverse cuisines, and immerse themselves in different cultures, they made a pivotal decision. They purchased a worn-out 1998 Thomas school bus, envisioning it as their means of transport for the next couple of years.

However, their aspiration extended beyond simply owning a vehicle for travel purposes; they yearned to transform it into a cozy abode that would serve as their home on wheels. A conventional RV or campervan wouldn’t suffice in fulfilling their vision. Inspired by those who embrace a minimalist lifestyle, they embarked on the ambitious task of converting the old bus into a small, comfortable dwelling.

Like any formidable endeavor, their journey was not without challenges, and on two occasions, they came close to abandoning their dream. The most formidable obstacle they encountered was the persistent issue of leaky windows.

Regardless of their efforts to resolve the problem by cleaning and replacing seals multiple times, the leaks persisted. This presented a major setback for their tiny mobile home, prompting them to reluctantly list the gutted bus on Craigslist.

Fortunately, a change of heart ensued, leading them to remove the listing and opt for the more costly route of replacing the windows entirely. While this decision put a significant dent in their budget early on, the newfound leak-free windows breathed new life into their project and allowed them to forge ahead.

Prior to undertaking this bus conversion, Robbie and Priscilla had always seized the opportunity to travel whenever it arose. However, what troubled them most about their adventures was the pain of leaving their beloved pets behind and the longing they felt for them while away. Determined to remedy this, they ensured that their home on wheels could accommodate their furry companion, Mr. Beebles.

After a year and a half of hard work, they finally completed their dream home on wheels. In a delightful touch, they even installed an actual house door, adding a warm and welcoming touch to their mobile abode. Now, they were ready to embrace an off-the-grid lifestyle with their faithful feline companion.

Their meticulously crafted dwelling on wheels boasts all the necessary amenities for a comfortable life on the road, including a toilet, hot water, air conditioning, heaters, and even a washing and drying machine. Equipped with everything they might need, Robbie and Priscilla can confidently face the challenges of a nomadic existence.

With their remote business management capabilities, reliant only on a stable internet connection, they have the freedom to work from any location. Having bid farewell to their Florida home last year, they have embarked on an awe-inspiring journey, having already explored 137 different cities within a 10-month period.

To follow their extraordinary adventures and stay up to date with their escapades, be sure to connect with Robbie and Priscilla on Instagram at @going_boundless. Prepare to be captivated by their boundless spirit and their unwavering commitment to embracing life off the grid.

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