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A Unique Tiny House Concept Connecting Families and Nature

For families seeking more space without compromising on the charm of tiny living, there’s a brilliantly designed solution that offers the best of both worlds.

The Ohana, a complex of two tiny houses connected by a central sunroom and deck, presents a stunning concept crafted by Viva Collectiv.

This innovative design seamlessly blends the coziness of tiny homes with the open-air beauty of a sunroom, providing a harmonious living experience for families with children.

The Ohana, exploring its thoughtful design and how it fosters a sense of connection between the indoors and the outdoors.

As families grow, so do their spatial requirements.

The Ohana caters to this need by offering an elegant and practical solution.

By connecting two tiny houses with a central sunroom and deck, Viva Collectiv has created a living space that provides the necessary room for a family with children.

This unique concept ensures that everyone can have their own space while still being closely connected.

At the heart of The Ohana lies the central sunroom, acting as a hub that seamlessly merges the two tiny houses.

This open and inviting space serves as a gathering area, allowing family members to come together and enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of their home.

With large windows and ample natural light, the sunroom creates an atmosphere of warmth and serenity.

Each of the two tiny houses in The Ohana serves a distinct purpose, providing a practical and well-designed layout.

One side features a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, offering the essential amenities for everyday living.

The other side boasts a living room and additional storage spaces, providing a cozy area for relaxation and accommodating the needs of a growing family.

The central sunroom and deck in The Ohana facilitate a seamless connection to the natural environment.

Family members can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors while remaining sheltered and comfortable.

The integration of the sunroom allows residents to fully embrace the beauty of their surroundings, creating an immersive living experience that fosters a deeper appreciation for nature.

The Ohana not only offers functionality but also exhibits aesthetic appeal.

Viva Collectiv’s attention to detail is evident in the thoughtful design elements incorporated throughout the space.

From the choice of materials to the arrangement of furniture, every aspect is carefully considered to create an inviting and visually pleasing atmosphere.

Additionally, families have the opportunity to customize their tiny houses, adding personal touches and making the space truly their own.

The Ohana concept goes beyond mere architectural design.

It fosters a sense of connection and togetherness, allowing families to create lasting memories in a space that encourages quality time spent with loved ones.

The central sunroom acts as a gathering point, bringing family members together and facilitating bonding experiences, whether it’s shared meals, game nights, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature as a collective unit.

The Ohana represents a unique and innovative concept in the world of tiny houses.

By connecting two tiny homes with a central sunroom and deck, Viva Collectiv has created a living space that combines functionality, versatility, and a seamless connection to nature.

This design offers a perfect solution for families with children, providing the necessary room to accommodate their growing needs while maintaining the cozy charm of tiny living.

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