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This Couple Built a Tiny House for Less Than $6000

In today’s challenging economic conditions, many of us find it increasingly difficult to meet even our essential needs. The dream of owning a house, once considered a cornerstone of success, now seems elusive due to the burden of bank loans and the overwhelming financial strain they bring.

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However, there is an alternative path to achieving our dreams—a path that offers prosperity, happiness, and security without succumbing to a mountain of debt. Enter the world of tiny houses.

If you’re on a tight budget and yearn to create your own sanctuary, the inspiring story of AB Magtulis and Hazel Garcia from Cavite, Philippines might be just what you need. They envisioned a home that could accommodate their work-from-home lifestyle while providing a personal haven.

Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

Rather than taking the conventional route of buying a house through a bank loan, they decided to construct their dream home on a limited budget—a tiny house. This decision enabled them to enjoy a fulfilling life without the burden of overwhelming debt.

The couple’s vision for their tiny house was a cube-shaped structure with two stories. Together, they meticulously designed the house plans and successfully built their dream home in the garden of Hazel’s family residence, utilizing the resources at hand.

Their achievement demonstrates that a tiny house can be just as perfect and fulfilling as a larger, more traditional home. Beyond its charm and livability, their tiny house has become a focal point of attention, transforming the surrounding area into a center of attraction.

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Standing 15 feet tall on a 6-square-foot foundation, the exterior walls are painted a vibrant green. It is remarkable how the house, despite its small footprint, appears spacious and inviting from the outside.

To add to the house’s allure, various plants adorn the windows and the surrounding area, enhancing its adorable appeal. Concrete awnings gracefully complement the doors and windows, lending a touch of style to the structure.

Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

Inside, the tiny house boasts a cute and functional interior design. The strategic use of white paint on the interior walls creates an illusion of spaciousness. The ground floor serves as a dedicated workspace, with carefully positioned desks allowing the couple to work comfortably side by side.

A functional bathroom is also incorporated on this level, while an armchair nestled in one corner provides a cozy spot for relaxation or indulging in music during breaks from work.

Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

Ascending to the second floor, one discovers the bedroom—a private retreat in this compact home. The roof of the tiny house has been transformed into a terrace, offering a tranquil space enveloped by bamboo and providing a captivating view of the lush green landscape. Picture yourself sitting on this terrace, sipping a cup of coffee and immersing yourself in the serenity of nature.

Magtulis and Hazel managed to construct this tiny house for a mere $5,500. While the tiny house currently lacks a kitchen, they have plans to add another floor to their home in the near future, realizing their vision of a complete living space.

The story of AB Magtulis and Hazel Garcia is a testament to the possibilities that lie within our grasp, even on limited budgets. Building a tiny house not only provides us with an opportunity to own a home without the burden of crippling debt, but it also encourages us to embrace simplicity and prioritize what truly matters. By downsizing our living spaces and focusing on functionality and personalization, we can create a haven that reflects our values and supports our aspirations.

So, if economic conditions have made it challenging for you to achieve your dreams, consider exploring the world of tiny houses. Let the story of AB Magtulis and Hazel Garcia inspire you to embark on your own journey of simplicity, creativity, and debt-free living. With careful planning, resourcefulness, and a dash of creativity, you too can build

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