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This Container Home is Made From 7 Shipping Containers

In the heart of Michigan, the world of compact living takes on an entirely new dimension. As enthusiasts of tiny homes, we often come across innovative designs, but there’s something truly enchanting about a home in Royal Oak that deserves special attention.

Snapshot of the Home:

  • Builder: C3 UP – ModEco Development
  • Containers: 7
  • Area: 2,350 sq ft
  • Rooms: 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
  • Location: 2531 Rochester Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48073
  • Year of Construction: 2014

The Brainchild of Passion and Vision

Aaron Schnepp, a resident of a serene Michigan town, dreamt of a home that was both sustainable and stylish. With a vision of repurposing materials and a passion for design, Schnepp turned to shipping containers, crafting a residence that soon became the talk of the town.

Using seven containers as the foundation, he embarked on a journey of architectural innovation.

Blending Old and New

From a distance, the house defies its origins. The exterior, a masterful combination of wood, metal, and stone, paints a picture of a modern yet earthy abode. The abundant use of wood and brick, complemented by the vast expanse of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offers an inviting warmth.

Every detail, including the wooden window frames spanning the home’s spacious 2,350 sq ft, speaks of meticulous planning and an eye for beauty.

Upon entering, the interiors narrate a story of elegance and functionality. The dark brown wooden flooring seamlessly connects different spaces, guiding visitors from the entrance to a sleek bar adjacent to the kitchen. Dark wood paneling near the dining area not only adds to the ambiance but also provides a unique partition, distinguishing it from the rest of the living space.

One of the standout features is the kitchen. With a ceiling that wears its minimalism with pride, the exposed plumbing design is a nod to industrial aesthetics. The dark cabinets contrast beautifully with the pristine white granite countertops, mirroring the homeowner’s refined taste.

A Touch of Authenticity

In a world where every home strives to be different, Schnepp’s creation truly stands out. The living room wall, bearing the blue-yellow emblem of Hong Kong Florence, pays homage to the containers’ origins, offering a conversation starter for every guest.

Luxury Up Above

The second floor is a haven of luxury. The master bedroom, adorned in hues of dark gray and purple, houses a magnificent chandelier that commands attention. The adjoining walk-in closet and bedroom both boast individual balconies, ensuring residents can always find a quiet spot to enjoy the outdoors.

A Nature-Infused Exterior

The home’s surroundings are equally captivating. Encircled by majestic pine trees, the environment exudes tranquility. The property also boasts a dual-car garage, catering to modern necessities.

A Sustainable Future

With nearly 18 million shipping containers lying unused globally, repurposing them offers a sustainable solution for housing needs. Starting a container home project is surprisingly accessible, with costs as low as $2,500 for a used container.

A Solid Investment For those pondering the value of such a unique property, 2531 Rochester Rd, built in 2014, was last sold for $429,900 in 2016. Its current estimated value stands at a robust $553,800, affirming the growing interest in and value of container homes.

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